Best Science Toys To Ignite Your Kid's Imagination

The holiday season is almost in full swing and Christmas is just around the corner. While that can mean rest and relaxation for adults, no one is excited more for the holidays than kids, who are all hoping to find presents underneath their Christmas tree.

But while toys themselves are supposed to be fun, there are still some ingenious ones that can combine learning with playtime, making a more well-rounded experience. And if your kid is one of those who love all things science-y and has a knack for being curious, then get that wallet ready as we give you the perfect science toys for your kids this Christmas season.

Anki Cozmo

Now, what kind of kid doesn’t like robots? This one in particular has a beginner-friendly interface that actually helps your child learn about coding, which they can use to program the robot. There’s also an explorer mode, which lets your kid see things from his perspective via an app.

4M Solar System Planetarium

A Solar System model is a staple for a child’s bedroom and this one’s glow-in-the-dark feature can ignite the imagination of your kid before they go to sleep. Part-deco, part-learning and part-craft, building this set with your kid is sure to be a great bonding experience.

Dig A Dozen Dino Eggs Kit

Before you let them out to dig for stuff in your backyard, why not give them this and help them dig up ancient dinosaur bones? With 12 eggs containing different dinos, this kit is perfect for your little paleontologist.


What’s better than pretending you’re in a spaceship? A game that actually lets you do that with your kid. A card game all about teamwork, spaceteam requires you and your team to coordinate by shouting instructions at each other, making a puzzling and fast-paced experience.

Volcanic Eruption & Lava Lab Science Experiments Kit

No need for baking soda since this volcano kit gives you all the tools to create an erupting volcano in the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can also create mineral pools and lava “bombs.”

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