Best Sunscreens To Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

The activities may be different from before since the threat of COVID-19 is still out there, but that does not mean that you can now skip sunscreens this summer, especially as far as your kids' safety is concerned. Keeping your children safe from the virus while outdoors is good, but so does keeping their sensitive skin protected from sunburns and damage due to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. And nothing does the job better than a sunscreen that is made specifically for kids. (Adult sunscreens tend to have glow-inducing tints and other additional features that kids do not need.) 

Here are the following sunscreens for kids that will help keep your young ones safe this summer:

Babyganics SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion

Through a mineral-based blend of actives, this non-allergenic, fragrance-free, tear-free formula provides your kids with protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The lotion is also made using organic ingredients. The lotion currently costs $9.99 on Target.

Blackgirl Sunscreen Kids SPF 50

Formulated specifically for those with black skin tones, this face and body lotion will not leave a white cast on young ones. It has no foggy residue and is also free of additives that you do not want your kids to be exposed to, such as parabens, silicones and phthalates. This safe-to-use sunscreen costs $9 on Blackgirl's online store.

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen

Made from pure, naturally sourced zinc oxide, this baby sunscreen from Neutrogena is "very clean." It also has the stamp of approval from the National Eczema Association, making it an ideal option if your kids either have eczema or suffer from easily irritated skin. It currently costs $10.99 on Target.

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

This skin-smoothing sunscreen is made with oat extract for hydration and gently nourishes your kids' delicate skin and also calms irritated or inflamed skin. It also comes from naturally sourced zinc oxide. The sunscreen costs $22.99 on Aveeno's online store. 

Babo Botanicals Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen

An Environmental Working Group-approved option, this sunscreen from Babo Botanicals is friendly both to the environment and also to your young ones. It is also ultra-lightweight, so it will not feel goopy or greasy on your kids' skin —

remember that your kids need both safety and comfort in the sunscreen that is applied to their skins. It costs $23.95 on Amazon.

Earth Mama Kids Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

In addition to organic shea butter, this creamy sunscreen packs "way more" organic colloidal oatmeal than the amount "required by the FDA to be in an eczema cream," according to the manufacturer. The sunscreen lotion costs $14.99 on the manufacturer's online store.

Erbaviva Baby Sun Stick SPF 30

In stick form, a sunscreen can easily be reapplied while on the go. You can put it in a bag, and when you need to use it, you can simply swipe it on hands-free. This sunscreen is also solid — no more worries about it spilling in your bag. Erbaviva's sunscreen stick costs $13 on Amazon.

Badger Balm Baby Sunscreen SPF 30

This hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested and -approved kid-friendly option from the classic sunscreen brand is made using only seven ingredients, including calming chamomile, soothing calendula, mineral zinc oxide and sunflower oil as a base for easy application. The sunscreen costs $16.99 on the manufacturer's online store.

kid sunscreen Sunscreens made specifically for kids keep your young ones safe from sunburns and harmful UV rays this summer. Flickr / Dave Morill

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