Best Supplements For Damaged Hair

Sometimes, using conditioner all on its own isn’t enough to help fix hair that is both dry and damaged, which then makes you more prone to hair fall. This is why visiting a health expert will more or less reveal the same thing: It’s important to look up and read on what you’re going to put in your hair, especially any supplements you might be taking. But we cut out all the guesswork for you, so here are 5 nutrients that your hair needs:


Most known for nail and hair growth, biotin is what’s known as a B-complex vitamin, and taking supplements that contain it can help fix dry hair as well as hair loss and even some types of skin rashes.

Vitamin E

Believed to work by simply calming any inflammation that is happening on both your skin and your scalp, vitamin E is one of the best nutrients you can take for your hair. This is because it’s full of nutrients, and helps slow down the free radical damage around your hair follicles, which can then lead to hair damage and premature graying. However, keep in mind that vitamin E does not work instantaneously, and usually needs about a week for your head to manage the oily secretions, like sebum, on it. Applying vitamin E topically can also help produce collagen.


Although not as well-known, silica is actually a mineral used as a food additive. It can, however, promote hair strength, brightness, thickness and even decrease overall hair breakage. With that in mind, the reason as to why this happens remains generally unclear.


Per experts, this is one of the best ways to get amino acids, which act as the building blocks of keratin, the material our hair is made out of. Collagen, in itself, is also the most abundant protein in our bodies. For best results, experts recommend collagen supplement from a grass-fed bovine source.


One good way to keep your hair healthy is to make sure you don’t have an iron deficiency, which is actually quite common. Iron supplements, however, aren’t for everyone.

Damaged Hair Hair growth can be promoted by following a balanced diet filled with the right nutrients. PHS Hairscience / Flickr