Best Teeth-Whitening Products That Are Natural And Nontoxic

Oral hygiene is important to keep your mouth clean and free of diseases. Today, there are numerous products available on the market, promising to give you the best oral care. 

But with the overwhelming options it can be difficult to pick what you think is the best product for you. There are some factors to consider before going to the store and grabbing oral care products for your daily use. 

You should look at the item’s ingredients and history. A natural and nontoxic product can be the best option for you since they have lower risk of unwanted effects. 

Natural Teeth-Whitening Products 

Dr. Brite Mint Natural Whitening Mouthwash

Dr. Brite Mint promises to provide a natural whitening approach. It contains organic coconut oil, aloe vera and activated charcoal. The mouthwash is also made with non-acidic vitamin C, which eliminates the acidic effect that can damage tooth enamel and make staining worse, according to mindbodygreen.

Hello Naturally Whitening Toothpaste

It also utilizes the natural properties of coconut oil. Hello Naturally Whitening Toothpaste combines the natural oil with xylitol, mint and tea tree for better teeth whitening results. 

White Birch Activated White Charcoal 

This teeth whitening toothpaste mainly uses activated charcoal but not the typical black ingredient, which gives you a dark teeth. Its stain-removing effects come from white charcoal, extracted from Japanese white birch trees.

White Birch Activated White Charcoal also has jojoba oil, which makes the paste a little more slippery for gentle teeth cleaning. 

Dr. Ginger's Coconut Oil Whitening Pen

Coconut oil also gives Dr. Ginger's the power to remove stains. This whitening pen just require a little more time to apply compared to mouthwash and toothpastes. It also requires users to avoid food or drink for an hour to see better effects. 

Tom's of Maine Botanically Bright

This toothpaste is mainly fluoride- and SLS-free. It uses purified silica and a blend of botanicals to whiten teeth. Xylitol is also added to help prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth. Tom's of Maine Botanically Bright can be the best option for those trying to avoid fluoride-containing oral care products. 

woman smile Oral hygiene is important to keep your mouth clean and free of diseases. Pixabay