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Best Tips To Overcome Controlling Relationships

In today’s society, one can be in a controlling relationship without realizing it since dominance and manipulation can have lasting effects in the most subtle of ways.

How To Overcome Controlling Relationships

Relationships can be very tricky to manage and navigate. However, a relationship is still relationship. As such, it should be founded in love and respect for one another and should make one feel strong and supported.

But there are instances where a relationship can be controlling and toxic, and it can do so without the person realizing it. Common warning signs of this include a partner who usually criticizes you to whittle away at your self-esteem so they remain the only thing you’re attracted to. Gaslighting and making you feel bad are also common warning signs, as well as being overly jealous, possessive and the act of isolating you from your friends and family.

If you suspect that you are in one, here are some steps that will help take back your power and turn things around:

  1. Stay calm – Doing so will allow you to be rational and level-headed, something your partner wouldn’t expect you to be if they’re controlling. This way you’ll also be able to deal with the facts of the situation rather than get lured into making irrational decisions.
  2. Build your confidence – No one should be able to take that away from you, even if they’re your partner. Give yourself a boost for taking these steps for yourself. Always remember that you are more than worthy of love and being properly treated, especially if you are doing the same.
  3. Understand your options – Regardless of what your partner decides to do, you should be the master of yourself. As such, you need to make decisions that are best for you even if that means ending the relationship, especially if they’re very manipulative.
  4. Set boundaries – Define your limit and communicate it well to your partner so that they don’t try to use it against you.
  5. Evaluate your situation – Ask yourself and check where you are with your partner. Maybe they’re not controlling and the relationship just needs more work or maybe it’s time to pack up and walk away. If your health and well-being is compromised, then leaving should be more than justified.

toxic relationship Here are some telltale signs that will help you know that you are in a toxic relationship with someone. rebcenter-moscow / Pixabay

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