Best Tips To Prevent Burnout At Work This 2020

Even with the emergence of advanced technology that is there to supposedly make life easier and make things more convenient, living in the modern world can still be incredibly hard. This is because the modern workplace has created a culture that wants results fast, if only to meet the modern standards of having everything come to you in a single click. Add that to the usual woes of a workplace, and you have yourself an environment that can burn out its people.

Simply put, life today is too fast-paced that it can be hard to keep up. In fact, burning out in work is becoming increasingly common. And seeing that the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases declared it as an “occupational phenomenon” last year, it’s clear that it’s not going away any time soon.

So how do you prevent it? Here are some recommended tips you can use.

Plan on a Sunday

Sundays usually come with anxiety for the upcoming workweek, taking away the fun of what’s supposed to be a day for relaxation. To avoid this, experts recommend that you take at least 15 minutes to plan out and prepare your week since the feeling of having control can help reduce that negative energy, and will definitely help you feel more relaxed.


It’s no secret at this point: exercise is good for you, and it’s also a good stress reliever. It doesn’t have to be high-intensity either because doing something as simple as stretching and walking for half an hour everyday can do wonders to your tired self.

Write down your thoughts

Another mindfulness trick is to jot down all your thoughts when you feel that it’s too much. It may not be the best solution, but it will help you reflect better while also acknowledging that this is how you’re feeling right now.

Recharge when out of work

This is important since your brain and body needs to rest from all the worries at work. To do this, simply remove yourself from your usual work state and do something else without thinking about work. Read, spend time with friends, or even play video games. The key is to simply engage your brain in other activities that you can enjoy.


This is important as well since when all is said and done, you need sleep to fully recover. It can’t be overstated as well, so always make sure you get a healthy amount of it every night.

Burnout The World Health Organization has marked burnout as a medical condition and added it to its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) catalogue. Pixabay