The Best Vegetable To Help Ease Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition that affects many not just in the U.S. but also in many parts of the world. Thankfully, a few dietary changes can help reduce the risk of developing the symptoms of back pain. Here’s what you should include in your diet.

The Best Dinner Vegetable To Help Ease Your Back Pain

A common condition that most people usually experience at some point in their lives because of various reasons, back pain can be either just plain annoying or a major inconvenience, especially when we reach our more elder years. Usually, back pain is caused by either muscle or ligament strain, although there can be other reasons behind it. Mechanical issues and soft tissue injuries also usually lead to back pain. But the most common reason behind back pain is a torn or pulled muscle.

Either way, back pain can be a literal pain in the back. Thankfully, a few dietary changes can help reduce the risk of you getting back pain and one such vegetable that can help significantly lower your risk are sweet potatoes.

Back pain isn’t anything to worry about since it can get better by itself within a few weeks or even months. However, adding sweet potatoes in your diet can help speed up your recovery. Per Dr. Branko Prpa, an orthopaedic surgeon, sweet potatoes are ideal for people with back pain because they contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve the pain experienced. Furthermore, sweet potatoes also contain a number of nutrients that can help prevent inflammation in the first place, aside from just improving your overall health, and may even boost your immunity.

"It might surprise you to learn that inflammatory foods exist. Eating these can make your back pain worse, but fortunately there are also some foods that can help you feel better. Sweet potatoes can also help you reduce inflammation. Some consider the sweet potato a 'superfood', which means that it’s packed with nutrients. That includes nutrients that can help you prevent inflammation. A sweet potato makes for an easy side dish for dinner," Dr. Prpa said.

Sweet potatoes Sweet potato flour and juice may soon appear in commercially available foods as part of a larger effort to get Americans to eat more super healthy sweet potatoes. Steve Johnson, CC BY 2.0

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