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Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat Sans Counting Calories

If you are planning to lose weight this season, then you should know by now that the calorie content of the food and drinks you consume is no longer the main predictor of weight gain; rather, it is the food and drinks themselves that now determine whether or not you will gain a lot of unwanted belly fat that you have to shed on your next workout session.

The following tips below will help you maximize your efforts to lose the unwanted fat in your belly without the need to count calories:

Cut carbs

Starch, better known as carbohydrates or carbs, is one crucial part that you have to cut off from your diet when trying to reach your weight loss goals. 

That is because the sugar found in carbohydrates increases levels of fat-storing insulin, leading to metabolism issues such as diabetes. By contrast, cutting off carbs results in lowered insulin levels, making the fat burn to be used as fuel for your body. 

In addition, lowered insulin levels allow your kidney to do what it is supposed to do, and that is to eliminate excess sodium and water in your body.

Eat vegetables, healthy fats and protein 

Not all carbs are harmful, and especially so for those found in vegetables. Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts provide the recommended daily carb range of 20 to 50 grams. 

Healthy fats can be obtained through sources such as olive oil and avocado. For much needed protein, you may have to eat chicken, beef, lamb, tofu and fish, with the latter also rich in omega-3, a major antioxidant for your body. 

A meal rich in vegetables, healthy fats and protein helps boost your metabolism better, in addition to reducing your risk of heart diseases.

Strength training

A healthy diet alone will not help you get the results you want, so it is better to accompany it with an active physical workout. The best way to start is by exercising at least three times weekly. Warming up and stretching should help speed up weight loss. Weightlifting, on the other hand, allows you to burn lots of calories and increase muscle mass when done right. 

Always remember that muscle metabolism takes a lot of calories, and while it does result in weight gain because of increased muscle mass, the fat stored in your body is converted into energy that your muscles need. After a workout session, replenish yourself and recover properly.

Drink plenty of water 

Your body's metabolic processes need water to make sure that they function properly. Water makes you fuller, helps reduce cravings and even hydrates your cells and skin. It also flushes down excess sodium stocked up in your body to keep you hydrated every day.

Sleep properly 

While you sleep, the cells in your body repair themselves faster. A good night's sleep helps heal the torn tissues caused by doing an intense workout routine. Alternatively, you can relieve all the pain by taking a warm water bath. 

Every body movement causes wear-and-tear, so get adequate sleep if you want to naturally accelerate healing to relieve all unwanted pain in your body.

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