Best Weight Loss Apps To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Weight loss requires time, energy and commitment. But it can be challenging for some people to track their progress or to see if they are making any. 

There are numerous factors to consider such as household responsibilities, office tasks and business. Despite your very busy life you still want to stick to your diet and try to shed some pounds. 

To achieve your weight loss goals, you have to budget your time and actively monitor the effects of your efforts. There are now hundreds of mobile apps that can help you track your progress. 

In fact, in has been proven by scientific research that people lose more weight when they use a food diary. But do not go to the app store and immediately search for “the best weight loss apps” or “best diet apps.” 

The results can be overwhelming. Technology allows many people to create apps easily and add information that may not be supported by latest studies. 

To help you meet your body goals, this article explores the top mobiles apps for weight loss that should help monitor your body and nutrition. The apps on the list are all free for iOS and Android devices. 


A recent study, published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth, shows that the app MyFitnessPal effectively helped users lose weight. People are able to track their food consumption daily. 

MyFitnessPal provides data on more than one million food, including their calories and nutrients. The app also recommends food based on your weight loss plan. 

BioForce HRV

This app will help you check your heart rate variability. The gap between heartbeats can be used to observe stress levels and exercise recovery status.

If you have too much fluctuation, then you might be experiencing fatigue. BioForce HRV is designed to help users understand how long and hard they exercise for the day. 


Fooducate simply works by identifying the health content of a food product. It can provide information on more than 250,000 products or items to help you fix your diet and avoid unhealthy food. 

Fooducate uses your smartphone’s camera to scan a product’s UPC label. Information from the app include an explanation for why it is healthy or not and a list of recommended food as alternatives. 


This app serves as a meal guide. You put your dietary preferences, cooking abilities and favorite food, which Yummly will analyze to give you a list of recipes that would fit your taste and lifestyle.

YouAte and See How You Eat

These are two different apps but are designed for the same purpose. YouAte and See How You Eat aim to prevent overeating and to maintain a balanced diet. 

The users simply upload a photo of their recent meal using the app to make a food diary. YouAte focuses on mindful eating as you state your mood along with the photo to see if you have been stress eating. 

The See How You Eat app uses food photos to monitor meals and snacks and prevent excess food. A premium version of the app provides a feedback directly from a nutrition coach.

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