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Bloated Stomach: 5 Exercises To Relieve Tummy Swelling

We’re all familiar with that sudden full and uncomfortable feeling whenever we accidentally swallow too much air or down a carbonated drink. That uneasy feeling is called bloating, and as it turns out, it’s more common than you think.

This is usually caused by your gastrointestinal track filling up with gas and can even be a precursor to stomach cramps, combined with a stretching feeling.

Usually, it’s solved by making a few tweaks in what you’re putting inside your body. However, what you do outside of your body, like exercise, can be very effective as well. Furthermore, exercising also adds a ton of other benefits to our body. Just make sure to choose what exercise will work, what won’t and when to do properly do it.

But we did all the thinking for you. And so to help you get started, here are the best exercises you can try to help get your digestive system performing normally again:

  1. Cardio training – One of the best workouts that keeps your heart pumping and helps you lose weight can also help you ease that bloating feeling on your tummy. You can do this by taking 30 minutes of  your time to jog, run or even box. This will result in boosted circulation and the expeling of any gas trapped in your gastrointestinal track. Wait for a few hours after eating before doing this though.
  2. Core training – Bloating can also be caused by weak stomach muscles, and so, doing core training to strengthen it should do the trick. To see (and feel) actual gains, try doing it consistently week after week.
  3. Circuit training – A mix of upper, lower and core training exercises, circuit training will not only relieve stomach bloating, but also soothe both stress and tension in your body. Not to mention that will also improve your blood flow.
  4. Side plank – Done by stacking your feet on top of each other while also raising your hips and engaging your core, this exercise is perfect for tightening your tummy muscles.
  5. Walking – If you’d opt for a much simpler exercises however, a gentle stroll an hour after you eat is perfect to easing stomach bloating. This is because it helps stimulate the gut and promote blood flow, helping move the food you ate better through your digestive system.

pms-bloating Malin Olofsson shares a photo of her bloated stomach and tells women not to be ashamed of what their periods do to their bodies. Credit: Instagram @malinxolofsson