Bloated Stomach Medicine: Products That Actually Work

When it comes to online health searches, bloated stomachs and gassy stomach cramps are easily some of the most googled worldwide.


Because globally, 70 percent of the people experience some form of belly trouble on the daily, and more of than not, these gut symptoms can literally make anyone’s life a literal living hell; uncomfortable and very bothersome. What’s worse, anyone can be affected by bloating, whether you simply have a tendency to overindulge on what you eat, or you have food intolerances that make the problem just a tad bit worse.

Nevertheless, the triggers vary from person to person, yet can all cause the same result to us.

Thankfully, top products to help ease your bloated stomachs are now available, and here’s what we can recommend:

  1. Biomel – Dairy-free and has the power of probiotics, Biomel promises to improve your gut health in just 14 days. Per the product’s co-founders, the product is made in their very-own state-of-the-art factory in West London, and comes in different flavors to help suit your taste. It’s also very low in sugar, as well as fat.
  2. Nutri Advanced – For those who are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms, Nutri Advanced Ultra Probioplex Plus may be just for you. Coming in capsule form, Nutri Advanced's product contains 25 billion live bacteria Lactobacillus acidophillus NCFM and B. lactis bi-07, which studies show, can easily help with your gut problems.
  3. Alflorex – The result of more than 15 years of clinical research and 75 leading scientific publications, Alflorex is a new probiotic drink that promises to alleviate the usual symptoms of IBS, all thanks to a probiotic strain called B. infantis 35624. One of the few products that are truly tested, Alflorex can now be bought either online or through most pharmacies.
  4. Biocare – While it’s well-documented that probiotics can help improve our gut health, they can also help strengthen our immune system, and this prebiotic supplement can help strengthen our immune health while also keeping our digestive system functioning at its peak.
  5. Healthspan – With over 50 billion friendly bacteria from four well-researched strains, Healthspan’s Super-Pro 50 can easily meet your daily probiotic needs, all while giving you the added benefits of vitamin D3, vitamin B6 and calcium.

pms-bloating Malin Olofsson shares a photo of her bloated stomach and tells women not to be ashamed of what their periods do to their bodies. Credit: Instagram @malinxolofsson