Bored With Usual Outdoor Activities? Here Are Some Healthy Alternatives For You

The most famous outdoor activities usually include running, biking and hiking. But for someone who doesn’t fancy getting on a crowded path (especially while under a pandemic), are there any good outdoor activities to try?

Not all outdoor activities involve getting onto a crowded path. Considering that we’re still going through a virus pandemic that has us social distancing, it’s understandable if we want to stay away from those usual activities. But if you don’t want to run, hike or bike, is there any other outdoor activity left for you to try?

Here are some other alternatives for you:

Mountain Biking

If you’re finding the paved trails too crowded for your liking, then you might want to give mountain biking a go since it’s literally just biking but on rougher trails. Furthermore, mountain bike trails are often set up to only go in one direction and are usually just wide enough for one bike to go through. This means that there’s little chance of you crowding it out with other bikers at the same spot. It’s a bit more challenging too and can help you work up a good sweat and improve your resistance.

Bird Watching

This one is more relaxed than roughing it out on the mountain trails. And for those that want a calmer activity, bird watching may be something you’d enjoy. Usually, bird watchers use binoculars and field guides to help them in the woods. However, one can easily install bird watching apps on their phones today. There are also countless online sources and tools that can help point you in the right direction.

Kite Flying

If sports are not your thing, then you can also try flying a kite, given that fields would likely not be occupied this summer because of the pandemic. Since fields this year are empty and don’t have a lot of people, they can be an ideal place to fly a kite. Additionally, you can also fly kites from the shore over a lake, which can be a really relaxing and calming activity.

mountain biking Getting out of the gym and exercising outdoors may be welcomed happily by people going through a harsh winter. But experts warn that it's important not to overdo it at first, as the outdoors can be harder on the body. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock