Botox Alternatives That Will Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles

Botox is the common treatment used in getting rid of wrinkles. It works by injecting botulinum toxin type A into the facial muscles, which prevents the area from contracting.

The results are a relaxed, smooth facial skin. However, it needs to be maintained because the effects are only temporary and the cost is quite expensive.

But here are alternatives to botox that you could try.

Chemical Peel

A procedure that is commonly used for acne treatment called chemical peel is considered safe and effective in reducing wrinkles, too. A skin care specialist is needed to perform the procedure.

Chemical peel requires 24 hours to two to three weeks recovery time. However, the result starts to be noticed in one day and 14 days for the outcome to fully show.

Future sessions of chemical peel might be necessary since the skin continues to age and develops more wrinkles.  

Facial Cream

A number of facial creams also claim to do the wonders of reversing the signs of aging. Antioxidants or cell regulators contained in facial creams improve facial skin cell metabolism and collagen production.

Facial creams are easy to apply and are budget friendly. However, a wide range of available products in the market can make it hard to find the right cream for your skin type.

A trip to your dermatologist might help you find the one that would actually work.

Face Patch

Frownies or face patches are said to help level out wrinkles. These are sticky patches applied on face areas that are likely to develop the age lines. 

Face patches are cheap and are easy to find. However, the difference in the skin from using frownies were undetectable even by plastic surgeons despite user claims of improvements, according to one study.


This anti-aging treatment has also been found to lessen wrinkles. Acupuncture works by improving skin hydration and facial elasticity.

Though studies on the new procedure are limited, it still seems to be effective. Plus, it’s all-natural.

However, only a licensed acupuncturist specializing in facial treatments could carry out the procedure. 


If getting pricked by needles scares you, opt for a non-invasive alternative. Take vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids.

These nutritional supplements are known to improve the production of collagen and hold antioxidant effects that protects the skin from free radicals, thus help get rid of the signs of aging.

You only have to choose from dependable sources when buying the supplements. However, results in taking vitamins are more on being a prevention rather than cure so wrinkles will not decrease considerably as Botox does.

Botox Commonly known for reducing wrinkles, Botox is now used for other health-related conditions, including headaches, overactive bladder, and muscle spasms. Reuters