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Boy Dies Of Flu After Mother Receives Advice From Anti-Vax Group

This week, tragedy befell the state of Colorado after a news outlet revealed that it suffered its second pediatric death because of the current deadly flu season. The first one happened in January to a child living just outside the Denver metro area. And now, the second case was a 4-year-old boy in Pueblo, per the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Days after the boy’s death, however, questions started swirling as to whether more could have been done to save him. This is because reports said that his mother followed members of an online anti-vaccine group, who may have given her misguided advice on the situation.

Online Anti-Vax Group

According to the boy’s mother, Najee was a vibrant boy that always made the people around him immediately like him. “He was the light of everybody’s day. He’s full of joy, full of energy, has the most beautiful smile with his super deep dimples,” she said.

Come early February, however, and two of Najee’s brothers reportedly tested positive for influenza. After a slight scare that included one of the brothers getting rushed to the emergency room, Najee’s mother then went home and gave 4-year-old Najee and his 5-year-old brother baths before sending them to bed. Five minutes later, Najee was found lying pale on the floor. Later, it’s discovered that he had suffered from a febrile seizure as a result of a flu-related fever. 

The boy was then airlifted to a hospital in Colorado Springs, where he died Wednesday.

And now, screenshots from an online anti-vax group are circulating online, with members of the group advising to give the boy vitamins and botanicals instead of the Tamiflu that the doctor prescribed. The screenshots then continued, showing the mother following recommendations from members of the group.

After news of Najee’s death broke out, members of the group then said that it’s because hospitals just “poison” the bodies of its patients. As such, the question going through social media today is whether the death could have been prevented had it not been for the misguided advice offered to the mother.

“I’m hurting so bad right now and so is his dad and brothers. Our whole family is hurting and it feels like we failed him because we did what we had to do,” the mother said.

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