Brain Expert Reveals Secret To Never Crave Cake Again

Many people around the world are getting fatter. The rise of the internet, smartphones and other technologies, demanding jobs and highly processed foods have been negatively affecting the health and lifestyle of humans.

To date, estimates show that there are nearly two billion people around the world that are considered overweight. Despite the large portion of the global population being affected, people are either ignoring or failing to address the health issue. 

One study showed that diets have a 99 percent failure rate in all people and programs. Researchers also found that less than 1 percent of overweight people could achieve a normal BMI within one year.

People have been finding it difficult to avoid processed food, which increases the risk of sudden weight gain or obesity. 

“The reason we can't lose weight is that our bodies have not evolved to be able to process modern food,” Susan Peirce Thompson, neuroscientist and author of “The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook,” said in an article posted on the Daily Mail. “Dieters deplete their willpower in the gym and overeat later — we have found people who still exercise lose the least.”

Thompson explained that processed foods have been “hijacking our brains” and preventing people from focusing on losing weight. Some of the unhealthy but highly consumed foods to date are sweet or sugary products.

These foods increase the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the body. When the brain detects too much dopamine it reduces important receptors, which forces people to eat more starchy, sugary foods to get the same “hit.” 

Eating sugary food along with flour, like cakes, could also lead to higher insulin levels in the body. The increase then blocks the flow of the hormone called leptin, which works to tell the brain to stop eating.

How To Stop Eating Cakes, Other Sweets

Thompson said that people should make simple dietary changes if they want to manage their weight. She said people should avoid foods that affect how the brain detects fullness and cravings, such as sugar and flour. 

Reducing consumption of cakes and eating healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables, would enable the “automatic brain” to take over in managing your weight. This means it will reduce your cravings and help you balance your diet. 

“The difference between using willpower and using your automatic brain to accomplish something is huge,” Thompson added. “When something becomes automatic, it frees up tremendous cognitive resources to be used for other things. Best of all, this way of eating will help you lose excess weight quickly.”

cake Foods high in sugar and flour have been found affecting how the brain controls cravings, which could lead to binge eating and weight gain. Pixabay