Breathing Exercises To Treat Your Allergies

There are trees and flowering plants everywhere that can trigger certain parts of your body. The result is usually painful, runny noses and itchy or watery eyes that seem to go on for hours.

Allergies may be eased by providing the immune system with a yoga boost or a few breathing exercises. According to Richard Usatine, a physician and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, allergies is the involvement of an over-vigilant immune system that has gone awry. Usatine, who also co-authored “Yoga Rx,” noted that stress is a potential subject that can weaken your immune system and aggravate allergy symptoms.

However, there are specific practices in yoga that can help strengthen the immune system. Larry Payne, a Los Angeles-based yoga therapist who co-authored “Yoga Rx,” says that these exercises include Kapalabhati Pranayama, a traditional internal cleansing technique that makes use of a series of short and quick exhalations through the nose.

It is commonly known as the Skull Shining Breath that can help rid the nasal cavities of any irritants. Payne furthers it by noting that if you have acute symptoms and your nasal passages are all distended, you may want to move away from Kapalabhati in favor of a tension-reducing breathing exercise like long exhalations.

To perform this, you can inhale for a count of three, exhale for a count of four and then eventually inhaling for more than four seconds and exhaling for a minimum count of six. Payne advises the following sequence, which is designed to help open your chest and enhance breathing.

These series of breathing practices are beneficial to those who suffer from severe allergies. For optimum results, after the sequence, you can finish with at least five minutes of Savasana, a pose that can bring forth total relaxation.

There have been many studies that claim the advantageous effects of doing breathing techniques. These do not only help with typical congestion. Breathing can also help soothe a worried mind and will help lift the person from a panic attack.

Taking only minutes out of your day, when performing these, it is crucial to concentrate on breathing deeply into the stomach and mindfully counting your breaths.

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