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Britons Are The Top Drunkards Of The World, Survey Says

A recent survey revealed that UK adults top the list of people who get intoxicated more often. The data showed that Britons get drunk five times on average during a 12-month period.

The eighth annual Global Drugs Survey, the largest poll that assesses substance abuse worldwide, found that Britons consume alcohol five times in a year. The global average is lodged at 33 worldwide but in the UK, millennials were found to manifest less restraint in their drinking habits than older groups.

About 5,4000 people were surveyed in London, some of them were from from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other parts of England. Additionally, 120,000 others hailing from other countries were also surveyed.

Founder of the Global Drugs Survey professor Adam Winstock claimed that even if fewer people consumed alcohol, those who did were binge drinkers. He also noted that these occurrences might be a result of growing up. People in the UK were misperceiving the pleasures of intoxication that they fail to distinguish whether they are a little or a lot drunk than the standard level. They were also found to engage in binge drinking about three to four times a week and this indicated that adult Britons do not drink in moderation.

Winstock also claimed that it has been the recurring European culture when it comes to drinking. As per NHS guidelines, the safe dosage is lodged at 14 units of alcohol at maximum or six pints of beer per week. The survey found that female adults usually manifested post-drinking regret than men while German women participants over the age of 25 also showed concern over their drinking habits.

On the contrary, a spokeswoman for alcohol industry body Alcohol Information Partnership (AIP) dismissed the survey’s findings. According to her, the report utilized a vast weight of data that contradicts the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK’s Office for National Statistics. Based on WHO’s findings, the number of people drinking in the UK has consistently dwindled for over a decade and that Britons are actually drinking less compared to their European neighbors.

Nevertheless, she contended the study’s findings and revealed that the industry continues to advocate against harmful binge drinking, reported Telegraph. Data also showed that adults Britons’ drinking patterns have drastically changed over the years that they choose to consume fewer, better quality drinks. The situation was recognized as a good sign, since the population is starting to reject binge drinking as a habit.

Alcoholic A new survey reveals that Britons drink alcohol more than anyone in the world. Pixabay