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Post-Makeup Sunscreen Mist: Why Sophia Hutchins’ Lumasol Could Be The Next Big Thing

Sophia Hutchins, the rumored girlfriend of Kris Jenner’s ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner, is slowly but surely making a name for herself in the beauty market with the imminent launch of her post-makeup sunscreen mist.

Despite expert warnings on how sunscreen components could be dangerous to human health and the environment, Hutchins is determined to take on the challenge of making sunscreens healthy again. This is through her upcoming health and technology company she named Lumasol.

In a short span of time, the finance graduate from Pepperdine University has managed to emerge as a budding beauty influencer, mainly thanks to her celebrity status brought forth by her connection to the “I Am Cait” star and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Just last year, she was making headlines for being the alleged partner of Caitlyn. This year, she’s done a lot of preparations for her business venture that is debuting with an FDA-approved odorless SPF50+ sunscreen mist. It’s designed to be applied after putting on makeup and it protects the skin from the harmful UV and UB rays of the sun.

In an interview with Forbes, Hutchins referred to her initial offering to the beauty market as “SPF millennialized.” According to her, sun protection remains to be an “extraordinarily unaddressed health issue” and Lumasol is about to change that.

Hutchins’ New York-based company is set to launch in the spring of next year and preparations for it are in full swing. When not busy attending events and posting on social media, the 23-year-old is hard at work in testing her product with her team and developing a clear strategy on how to widen the reach of her sunscreen mist.

But Sophia’s product is unlikely to struggle in terms of generating interest from the public. Ian Sigalow, founder of Greycroft Ventures that is seed funding Lumasol alongside Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, has acknowledged that there’s obvious precedent with the Jenners in the skincare industry and that’s a good thing.

Hutchins is good friends with Caitlyn’s youngest daughter Kylie Jenner, the beauty mogul who was named by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire at 21. She is also close to Caitlyn’s former stepdaughter Kim Kardashian, who also has a multimillion beauty brand. Given that Sophia is targeting a different aspect of the beauty market, there won’t be any competition between them.

When asked about her relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Hutchins assured that she’s maintained a good relationship with all of them. “What Kylie [Jenner’s] done is amazing. I admire that she’s been able to convert fans, likes and shares into buys—and she works nonstop,” she added.

Sigalow has also expressed his optimism that what Hutchins is doing could be the next big thing in the industry. “There’s an opportunity to do what Juul did for the cigarette category by changing the delivery mechanism and changing the formula somewhat to win really big market share,” he said.

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