Can The Blood Plasma Of Coronavirus Survivors Be Used To Fight Infection?

As per a new update, a new (and experimental) attempt to save lives will have doctors fusing the blood of British coronavirus patients with blood plasma harvested from “hyperimmune” people who managed to survive the disease since it can supposedly help fight the infection.

New Experimental Treatment

Per the doctors and health experts behind it, this new type of experimental treatment will be directed to patients who ended up on intensive care units just because their bodies weren’t able to fight the coronavirus.

Furthermore, in an effort to stem the spread of the illness as well as reduce pressure on the health service and frontliners, the experimental treatment will also be given to those who are in contact with COVID-19 patients, such as NHS staff and any other family member who’s been exposed to some degree.

According to the experts, this new procedure lies on the fact that people who have managed to jump back from coronavirus have antibodies in their blood plasma that can help them maintain a solid defense against the infection. The aim right now, however, is to identify who is “hyperimmune” to the virus, and then ask them to donate some blood, which would then be used in a number of clinical trials that include it getting infused with the blood of current coronavirus patients.

“Start-up will need to be faster than is normal, with most other trials usually taking months or years to get approvals and to begin. Trials need to be undertaken, otherwise we will not know if this intervention is effective and worthwhile. It may not be a silver bullet, or it may work for instance to stem the development of Covid-19 infection in contacts such as healthcare workers and their families, but not perhaps be as effective to treat severely ill patients being ventilated,” Prof. David Tappin, a senior research fellow at the University of Glasgow, who has applied to the National Institute for Health Research to run two clinical trials using the plasma, said.

Moving forward, the blood plasma will also be screened if they are safe to use before the trials begin.

Blood Type and COVID-19 A new study shows that people with type A blood are more likely to get infected by the novel coronavirus, while blood type O could be more resistant. Pixabay

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