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Can Heartbreaks Lead To Death?

Getting your heart broken is a devastating thing that has happened to just about everyone. It’s a natural part of life. And if you haven’t had your heart broken before, whether by a friend or a loved one, then chances are, it will happen in the future. But that doesn’t always mean bad things. It’s just normal, and getting your heart broken leads to a stronger one, one that can withstand more pain.

With that being said however, can one actually die because of a broken heart? Can grief be strong enough to actually affect your physical health? There have been cases, sure. In fact, the term “Broken Heart Syndrome” was coined due to the amount of widows and widowers in hospices.

But how does it happen? Turns out, there are a number of reasons.

For one, both grief and loss can be very stressful. In some cases, you can actually “feel” pain when your heart is broken. And we all know how well-documented the negative effects of stress in our bodies. It can weaken our heart, even make our immune system less stronger to fight conditions. Not to mention that grief can trigger mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, grief can change life patterns that in turn can affect your health. For example, dealing with grief means that you may let yourself go for a bit, and start losing sleep and eating more unhealthily. These are just some of the ways that a broken heart can affect you while you are unaware.

So yes, you can die from a broken heart, unfortunately.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to.

Practicing self-care during these times can be especially helpful, since it can help you be more attentive of yourself even when you’re not feeling ok and particularly vulnerable. Remembering that this pain will pass and get better with time is also a good mindset, and would help you cope better.  Seeking help from either a confidant or a grief councilor is also never wrong. Just use whatever tools you deem necessary to be able to acknowledge the pain and move from it.

Ultimately, getting heartbroken is a natural part of life. Whatever you do after, is up to you.

Heartbreak Is Dangerous Heart ache is a real pain that could indicate a life-threatening condition. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock