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Can Humans Eat Dog Food?

Consider this scenario, you’re starving in the middle of nowhere and the only food you have with you is dog food. What would you do?

Well, experts say that if you consume only a bit of dog food, nothing drastic will probably happen. However, you wouldn’t know what’s happening on the inside of your body because dog food is not subjected to the same health regulations as that of human foods.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for setting the regulations on human food. This is so that sickness as a result of contaminated or improper handling of products is avoided. Furthermore, the FDA is also tasked for ensuring that the food product labels have an accurate list of ingredients, as well as the correct nutritional value.

Thus, since FDA’s rulings on human foods do not apply to dog foods, it’ll be a lot difficult to assess the consequences of consuming dog food. Nevertheless, some ingredients are safe to be consumed by dogs but not by humans. The same is true for dogs. There are human foods that may cause dogs an unbalanced diet, especially in wrong proportions.

It was discovered by Mary Roach in 2013 Popular Science that there is a struggle within the pet food industry in the production of food that is appealing to both the owners and their pets. These companies have even claimed that they would employ human taste testers for their products.

Keep in mind that even though dog foods contain almost the same ingredients as that of human foods – chicken, vegetables, meat and so on – it may still contain various animal by-products that can be very dangerous for human consumption. These animal by-products include ground-up animal bones, intestines and organs.

Of course, due to some circumstances, there are people across the globe that are forced to eat dog food due to various reasons, including financial difficulties. There are also countries who suffer from economic slumps. As a result, those who live below the poverty line would choose to eat dog food than die of hunger.

With that in mind, it is important to not waste human food. This is one of the many ways to help reduce world hunger.

Dog The CDC issued a notice about an ongoing salmonella outbreak that already affected 13 states due to exposure to pig ear dog treats. Pixabay