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Can Humidifiers Help Lower Flu Risk?

The recalled dehumidifiers have been linked to numerous fires and millions in property damages. USCPSC

According to a new study, it turns out that one way of helping reduce the transmission of flu is by altering humidity levels. Additionally, it can also help bolster humans’ resistance against infection.

Lowering Flu Risk Via Humidifiers

It’s well known that influenza outbreaks are seasonal by nature. This means that during the winter months, their transmission and death rates increase. As such, both dry air and cold temperatures are closely related to flu outbreaks, what with decreased humidity particularly known for helping promote the spread of the virus.

As such, studies have been made regarding influenza and its connection to humidity, and whether or not altering the latter can have an effect on it. As it turns out, changing your humidity levels can greatly affect the virus, lowering the overall risks of transmission and infection.

Per experts, this is highly noteworthy since indoor moisture levels can be easily influenced by a host of factors, such as levels of ventilation, sources of indoor moisture and outdoor moisture loads.

Per the study published in Environmental Health, using a portable humidifier in your bedroom during flu season can reduce the chances of virus survival. In fact, the study also revealed that the same scenario can work in public settings and can be done by simply increasing humidification.

“Results from this modeling analysis demonstrate that the use of portable residential humidifiers increases RH and AH to levels that can potentially decrease the survival of airborne influenza virus in a residential setting. This effect is more pronounced in rooms where the humidification is located. While this study evaluated the impacts in a residential setting, the expected benefits of humidification are likely to be larger in places where larger populations of people with the flu and people susceptible to the flu congregate,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

However, the researchers warned that there is still a sweet spot when it comes to humidity and it’s important that it’s neither too high nor too low. Additionally, always make sure your humidifier is clean because a dirty one can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria, which can also infect your air.

dehumidifier The recalled dehumidifiers have been linked to numerous fires and millions in property damages. USCPSC

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