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Can People With Diabetes Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a low-calorie option for people susceptible to diabetes and are aiming to control their diet. The vegetable could also help people already taking metformin and insulin, who can eat mushrooms as a healthy snack or be included as an ingredient in different meals. 

The mushrooms can be eaten raw, grilled or roasted in various forms. White mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and portobello are some of the many types of mushrooms of different shapes and tastes. However, all of them boast of the same nutrients. 

Here are some of the health benefits that mushrooms provide to people with insulin sensitivity, as per a recent article on Healthline. 

Low Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

GI and GL are two parameters that can be indicative of how a certain food item will impact blood sugar levels, though the latter is more of a factor. 

Mushrooms are categorized into white vegetables with a GI between 10 to 15 and with a GL less than one for every cup of 70 grams of mushrooms. Therefore, mushrooms do not contribute to spike in blood sugar levels, according to these readings. 

B Vitamins

 Mushrooms provide 23 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin B2 and 16 percent of vitamin B3. B vitamins are needed to protect the aging population against dementia and against slower cognitive function, especially for people taking metformin to treat diabetes. 

The protection of women against gestational diabetes can be done through consuming vegetables such as mushrooms as well.


The other bioactive compounds found in mushrooms are called polysaccharides, which contribute to lowering blood sugar. These compounds also improve insulin resistance. 

Soluble fiber beta glucan is a particular type of polysaccharide that helps control blood sugar, especially post meals, by slowing the digestion process. However, more research is needed into the benefits of vitamin B and polysaccharides on preventing diabetes. 

Other Health Benefits

Since mushrooms are low-calorie ingredients that are filled with nutrients such as selenium and phosphorus, they can be added to the balanced diet for other health benefits too. 

Diabetes is linked to exacerbating inflammation in the body, but mushrooms can help in bringing down inflammation levels. Since the white vegetable has soluble and insoluble fiber content, it can give people a sense of fullness and reduce their appetite, a key factor in controlling diabetes. 

Mushrooms French Jean-Pierre Biaussa holds a cep mushroom during a collect in a plot of his experimental forest, in Champs-Romain on November 9, 2018. Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images