Can The Summer Heat Help Us In The Battle Against COVID-19?

We’re now into the first week of April, and that means balmy days are fast approaching as summer finally comes into full swing. But can this year’s summer bring us some respite against the raging coronavirus pandemic the same way it gives us respite from the colder months on a yearly level?

Can Summer Help Beat COVID-19?

Usually, summer brings us some much needed rest from the colder months since it lets people be looser and spend some quality downtime at the beach or in their backyard swimming pools. The sun is out, the school year has ended and cold refreshments are served by the dozen. It’s summer, after all.

But this year, experts and researchers are hoping that the summer season will bring in an unexpected benefit: that is they’re hoping the warmer weather will help us fight back against the coronavirus pandemic, or at least give some new insights as to whether it will react with the onset of spring. This is because flu epidemics tend to die out as winter ends and the hotter months start rolling in, which is why they’re hoping that the sunshine can do the same for the coronavirus.

And it’s not without reason as well because initial studies of the coronavirus, at least, the common ones that cause colds both in the U.S. and U.K., do suggest a seasonal pattern starting in late December and ending when the summer comes. The annual flu season follows this pattern as well, and flu-like conditions are one of the top symptoms of the novel coronavirus. By contrast, only small amounts of coronavirus appear to be transmitted in the summer, which further strengthens the case.

Furthermore, a new study about common coronaviruses also revealed that coronavirus infections are low in the summer.

“We could see continued but lower levels of coronavirus transmission in summer but this may reverse in the winter if there is still a large susceptible population at that point,” Rob Aldridge, the study lead author, said.

This point is backed by other scientists, most of which are positive that the coming summer will affect the pandemic by some degree, if not outright eradicate it.

summer-1283642_1920 Experts believe the coming warmer months can affect the coronavirus pandemic to some degree. Image courtesy of Pixabay, public domain