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Canada Now One Of The Best Countries For Wildlife Exploration

For various reasons, Canada has it good. Real good.

For example, It's the only country that has people stereotyped as one of the nicest on Earth. Its citizens also enjoy free healthcare, and is quite progressive in the sense that it’s the first and biggest G7 nation to fully legalize the recreational use and sale of cannabis.

And now, with its many bears, beavers and moose, the country has cemented itself in place as one of the world’s top destinations for wildlife exploration. Per the new study, Canada is the fourth best country to experience wildlife in their natural habitat, coming up just behind Finland, Sweden and Brazil.

Top wildlife destination

According to the 2019 Global Wildlife Travel Index, Canada has a reported 6,666 creatures living in it, making it an ideal travel destination for wildlife lovers. In any case, here are the top five places you can visit to experience it for your own:

  1. Northwest Passage, Nunavut – Spreading from Canada’s center all the way to the icy archipelagos of the west of Greenland, the Northwest territories and province of Nunavut is home to a healthy population of polar bears. Additionally, it’s also home to caribou, Arctic fox, lynx and wolves.
  2. Churchill, Manitoba – If Nunavut isn’t your place, then just go south into the eastern shore of Manitoba, where you can find the Churchill river flowing into the Hudson Bay. Known as polar bear country, it houses one of the world’s largest habitats for these giant bears.
  3. Rocky Mountaineer – Boarding the Rocky Mountaineer offers a different experience, since this railway will show you amazing scenery housing animals like bears, elks and beavers.
  4. Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Quebec – For those who want a refreshing boat cruise, sailing from the Gaspe Peninsula out into the Atlantic will put you alongside whales like the beluga, humpback and you guess it, the blue whale. Porpoise and fishes can also be found here.
  5. The Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia – Lying untamed on the country’s west coast is the Great Bear Rainforest, home to countless species of flora and fauna. This includes the cougar, wolf, and a subspecies of the American black bear with a white coat, called the Kermode bear.

Polar Bears Polar bears sleep on the beach in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in early September waiting for ice to form on the Arctic Ocean. Michael Miller