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Carnivore Diet Treats Autoimmune Diseases, Expert Claims

An expert has claimed that following a carnivore diet helps treat autoimmune diseases. The health condition of a patient suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) improved after following the meat-only diet. Other studies, however, showed that consuming high amounts of methionine may shorten lifespan.

Certified functional medicine practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine Dr. Paul Saladino said that the carnivore diet is significantly beneficial to those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. While he was still attending medical school, he determined that food was a huge part of uncovering the root cause of diseases.

He first took interest in the carnivore diet after he heard Jordan Peterson speak about his daughter, Mikhaila, who suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), which is an autoimmune inflammatory disease, on a Joe Rogan podcast, as per Mercola.

Saladino claimed that he was astounded when he heard that Mikhaila’s condition was reversed and she completely healed from JRA and depression because of the concomitant immunologic and inflammatory mechanisms brought about by the all-meat diet. Saladino then thought that maybe eating other animals more than plants is better for humans since plants can trigger autoimmunity through a variety of mechanisms.

Saladino also looked at the work of Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the “The Plant Paradox,” to expound his knowledge on the effects of eating plants to humans. He found that lectins, plant proteins that are sometimes referred to as glyca-binding proteins or sticky proteins, bind to sugar molecules on the surface of cells. They would then interfere with the absorption of nutrients across the intestinal wall and negatively affect the gut microbiome by shifting the balance of the bacterial flora. Saladino concluded that humans, being animals, are better off following an all-meat diet than eating plant-based meals.

However, meat, which contains very high amounts of methionine, reportedly shortened the lifespan of lab rats in some studies. When the amount of methionine in the lab rats increased by two percent, their lifespan started to dwindle. Follow-up studies, however, uncovered that it was not the methionine that caused the diminished lifespan of the lab rats but the imbalance thereof to glycine in the rodent’s diet. Since a carnivore diet offers methionine, glycine and other nutrients that the body needs, Saladino recommended the diet to those suffering with autoimmune diseases.

Saladino added that a nose-to-tail carnivore diet can be optimized by observing it with intermittent fasting or any periodic fasting regimen.

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