Is CBD Oil Addictive? Other Common Questions About Chemical Compound Answered

Many people have been using CBD oil as a treatment for various conditions. Studies showed the marijuana compound could help reduce the effects of anxiety, depression and cancer, among other conditions.

The federal government alone is investing millions of dollars to study how CBD could help treat body pain. The effort aims to find an alternative to opioid as a pain reliever in the U.S. 

To date, more than 2,100 studies focused on CBD have been published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The website provides peer-reviewed medical journals.

Despite the growing evidence of the positive effects of CBD, some people still doubt that it can be a safe treatment. There are also claims that the marijuana product could lead to addiction just like other drugs.  

There are more questions floating about CBD and its effects. This article explores the public’s top concerns and provides answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil?

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that CBD has “a good safety profile.” Scientists said negative effects only occurred when people combined CBD oil with other medications. 

It is also important to get the marijuana product only from a reputed supplier or store. Always check the product’s safety and ingredients to know if there were added chemicals that may cause side effects. 

Will CBD Oil Use Lead To Addiction? 

The answer is no. CBD oil usually contains very low levels of THC, which gives the “high” feeling. 

Previous human studies showed that the people who regularly and properly use the oil are less likely to develop dependence, withdrawal or tolerance.

Can CBD Give High Feeling? 

THC is the main marijuana compound with psychoactive effect. It is the one that makes you high and not CBD. 

“The industrial hemp production that is the basis for CBD oil’s manufacture is grown to have lower THC levels and higher CBD yields,” Keeley Berry, a nutritional expert and product developer at natural health company BetterYou, told Healthista. “In this country, THC is highly regulated to ensure there is no more than 1mg of THC per bottle of product and therefore will not induce psychoactive effects.” 

Is CBD Overdose Possible? 

Any substance that is used in very high levels could lead to toxicity. However, there are small records of CBD use leading to overdose. 

Majority of the studies that focused on the compound highlight its efficacy and safety.

“It’s always best to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions on the product you’ve purchased and consult a GP and discontinue use if you’re noticing any adverse effects,” Berry cautioned. 

Are CBD Oil And Hemp Seed Oil Similar?

There is a big difference between the two products, from their purpose to sources. Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. This product is commonly used for cooking and cosmetics. CBD oil is an extract from the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant.

CBD Oil Estimates showed that the CBD market could grow to more than $20 billion by 2022 and continue to increase in the following years. Pixabay