Can Celery Be Classified As A Superfood?

In the latest “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” episode, Kim Kardashian was concerned about the psoriasis flare-ups spreading all over her body and invited a strange man who is touted as the “Jesus of celery” to examine her incurable condition.

Calling himself the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams is credited for starting the global celery movement that sparked a craze among the diet-conscious. It gained popularity with celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Novak Djokovic who openly endorse the benefits of celery juice.

In an interview with the New York Post, Williams said 16 ounces of the undiluted juiced celery drink must be taken on any empty stomach. He claims that an undiscovered group of cluster salts kill the bugs causing multiple sclerosis, lyme disease and psoriasis, among other medical issues. According to him, these so-called cluster sodium salts rejuvenate glands in the stomach and restore hydrochloric acid, which in turn improves digestion to ensure bacteria does not accumulate in the gut.

Williams, despite boasting of 1.4 million Instagram followers, often receives flak for his unconventional method of diagnosis as he ''reads’' the maladies afflicting the bodies of patients by moving his hands around them to feel their energy. This is probably why during the latest episode of ''Keeping Up With The Kardashians'' Kanye West teased Kim that he could do that for her, too.

Most dieticians dismiss him as a quack, calling Williams’ explanation pseudoscientific and a quick fix solution sought out by the new generation. They reasoned that juicing celery removes an important nutrient, fiber, hence it cannot be all that good for the most nutritious part would be absent. 

celery Celery juice is a new fad today and is considered a super-food by many celebrities. The Delicious Life, CC by 2.0

Emma Rueth, a registered dietician at UnityPoint Health, a network of hospitals and services headquartered in Iowa, said,“The fact that Anthony Williams states he no medical training is a red flag. I believe in evidence based recommendations, and celery juicing is not one of them right now.”

What does her research say? Firstly, Reuth made the distinction between whole celery and the juice popularly consumed. Rueth quashed all claims of celery juice being beneficial to health and said that whole celery in the form of stalks, leaves and seeds contain all the useful antioxidants preventing inflammation, among several other health benefits. 

For example, insoluble fibers in whole celery aid weight loss and “act as a bulking agent in the gut. It can help you maintain a healthy weight.” Reuth also said that whole celery could prevent digestive disorders in the same way. The diuretic effect of celery seeds help in digestion, improve blood circulation in the intestines and lowers blood pressure.

Reuth put two other false claims to rest. She said that cancer is a multifaceted disease, and one food cannot solely be responsible for keeping the disease at bay. Although 95 percent of whole celery holds water, and in spite of the juice definitely being able to keep the body hydrated, Reuth said that there is no evidence to say that celery promotes clear skin.

Studies have backed claims of whole celery forms being a powerful antioxidant for rats, but more research needs to be done on the human species to draw substantive conclusions. Therefore, celery couldn’t be classifed as a superfood.