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Cherry Juice For Better Memory: Does It Work?

The decline of our cognitive health is a normal hallmark that comes with aging. No matter what we do, our ability to remember, think clearly and learn new things will surely decline as we get older because our body grows old as well. As our bodies grow old, its functions does too. It’s simply how things are.

That being said, there’s still a lot we can do to slow down that cognitive decline as we age, keeping it functioning well and good for as long as we can. And how do we do this? According to the National Institute on Aging, a healthy diet is the biggest key to this, combined with consant physical exercise. Trying to be mentally active is recommended as well as certain types of medication.

But we know there are different diets for different reasons, so which one do we choose? Some scientists recommend a Mediterranean style diet, while others say that eating more fiber is the way to go.

According to a new study made from the University of Delaware in Newark, fruit juice made from tart cherries might be the answer we’re all looking for. That’s because tart cherries is rich with polyphenols called flavonoids that naturally occur in plants and have a wide array of antioxidant properties. Many, including the researchers, believe this could be the key to helping us slow down cognitive decline.

"Cognitive function is a key determinant of independence and quality of life among older adults,"  said Sheau Ching Chai, who led the research and is an assistant professor of behavioral health and nutrition. "The potential beneficial effects of tart cherries may be related to the bioactive compounds they possess, which include polyphenols, anthocyanins, and melanin. They may also be related to tart cherry's potential blood pressure-lowering effects, outlined in a previous study we conducted in the same population, as  blood pressure  can influence blood flow to the brain. ”

The study was apparently funded by the Cherry Research Committee of the Cherry Marketing Institute. However, Chai explained that the industry had no other role in the study except for providing the funds they used.

cherry juice Packed with natural sleep aids and anti-inflammatory compounds, tart cherry juice is one of the few with genuine benefits. Pseph, CC BY 2.0