Climate From Jesus Christ's Era Revealed By Scientists

For many scientists working in the field, Antarctica is essentially an icy unspoiled heaven, ripe for discoveries and new knowledge about us and the planet we’re living in. And it seems that one such team of scientists was recently able to take an untapped look into the weather Jesus Christ’s actual era: 2,000 years ago.

The find was documented in Nova’s “The Secrets of Antarctica,” where it was revealed how a group of scientists stationed at the icy region’s unforgiving climate was able to date their research findings to around 2,000 years ago.

“Ken Taylor’s team is drilling through ice and their goal is to gather samples from the nearly two-mile thick West Antarctic ice sheet. The deeper they go the further back in history they travel,” detailed the documentary, released back in 2015. “These ice cores contain tiny bubbles of ancient atmosphere that were trapped each year as the snow was compressed into ice."

“Ice bubbles in these [suggest] it’s ancient air in there and when we crush samples like this we get the caps out and we can sample the ancient atmosphere,” said Ken Taylor, a scientist who heads the Desert Research Institute that studies the ice samples and their importance in this particular field of work.

Blast from the past

However, it was Rebecca Anderson who revealed the team’s most surprising find: ice bubbles, found 480 meters down, that reveal how the climate was like 2,000 years ago, when Jesus was still alive.

As the central figure of Christianity, Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth, is an important figure in the religion and for people who practice it. As the religion goes, Jesus himself is the incarnation of God, and was sent here on Earth some 2,000 years ago to live among us and save us from our sins.

According to modern scholars, Jesus Christ really did exist historically. However, the debates start when comparisons between the historical Jesus and the one written in the Gospel start clashing. One such debate is where Jesus lived during his time on Earth, and what he really looked like.

antarctica-3883212_960_720 A station in the Antarctica. Photos by Pixabay (CC0)