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Coffee Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

For sure you have tried several diet plans already to lose weight. May it be consuming a keto diet or practicing intermittent fasting.

Have those diets been effective? You will not be here out of simple curiosity. So, is this kind of diet really going to work this time?

Dr. Bob Arnot, a former medical correspondent of 60 Minutes and NBC Nightly News and author of the book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet,” said that you should try the coffee diet.

The coffee diet has varied versions like observing a 10-hour coffee diet or practicing coffee diet for 14 days. However, the plan Dr. Arnot is introducing is drinking one cup of black coffee first thing in the morning, no sugar nor cream.

You may then have as much cups of coffee you desire for the rest of the day that is usually up to at least three cups of the beverage rich in polyphenols, he said.

Dr. Arnot said that the diet is not only about drinking the beverage, but also drinking the right kind. The research, which he conducted along with his team, revealed that light roast coffee contains the most beneficial polyphenols.

Various studies have shown that polyphenols in coffee not only have antioxidant properties but are also effective anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer.

According to Dr. Arnot, drinking several cups of coffee each day can improve metabolism, block absorption of calories, lessen appetite and burn more fat, which is backed by science.

A study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism in 1995 shows how caffeine improved metabolism in 12 healthy subjects by seven percent on average within three hours following consumption. 

Though it is still premature to conclude, more recent research continue to reveal the positive effects of coffee in burning fats. Researchers remain determined to identify if it is caffeine or other properties of the beverage that activates the brown fat, which is the body’s inherent fat-fighting defenses.

Also, the weight-loss diet plan will be more effective if it is consumed with whole foods - no processed foods and refined carbs - and with a restricted overall calorie intake in just around 1,500 per day.

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