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Coffee Enema Proven Benefits: Liver Detox, Parasite Cleanse And More

Enema is a method widely used to help the body release waste. It involves injecting a liquid treatment into the rectum mainly to relieve constipation and to prepare a patient for surgery. 

Coffee enema is one of the methods that recently gained more attention among wellness lovers. It sounds weird that people are injecting your favorite beverage into a place where things should come out but there are good reasons to do it. 

Coffee enema has been found to have a number of health benefits. Experts said it delivers caffeine and antioxidants to the body that support detox and help treat some conditions. 

Coffee Enema Benefits

Better Skin

Using coffee for enema can help the liver function properly. This then leads to lower levels of toxins reaching the skin and reduces problems such as hives, psoriasis, eczema and rashes, according to Wellness Mama.

Reduces Mold

Mold can affect the body internally through microscopic mycotoxins that contribute to serious health problems such as cancer and organ failure. Coffee enema could help eliminate such toxins by stimulating bile flow. 

Cleanses Liver

The liver can also take some of the health benefits of coffee enema. The method helps reduce toxic load for the organ by clearing a pathway where toxins travel from the colon and back and out of the body.

Removes Parasite

Coffee enema can help remove parasites hiding in the colon by increasing flow of fecal matter and debris. The coffee alone can also affect the parasites, making them weaker and forcing them to come out of their hiding spots in the gut. 

Targets Candida 

Candida yeast normally lives in small amounts in the body. However, high sugar consumption, long term stress and antibiotic use can trigger their growth. 

Enemas can help cleanse the digestive tract and eliminate excess candida. Coffee enema also enables healthy probiotics to take over in the gut. 

Despite the health benefits of enema, it is important to know that there can be some side effects. Consult a doctor before administering coffee enema to avoid negative effects, such as rectal burn and inflammation of the rectum’s lining. 

coffee Coffee has been found as another liquid treatment that can be safely used for enemas. Pixabay