Coffee Health Effects: Six Cups Could Damage Heart

You may want to stop preparing that next cup of coffee. Researchers just found the perfect time to say it is too much to take another cup. 

A new study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that drinking six or more coffee a day could negatively affect the body. Too much coffee could lead to a 22 percent increase in the risk of having heart disease.

The researchers from the University of South Australia conducted the study amid the growing rates of people suffering from cardiovascular disease in the country. To date, estimates show one person dies from the disease every 12 minutes. 

The World Health Organization also considers heart diseases as among the leading causes of death across the world. However, the condition is also one of the most preventable.

The research team said their study confirms that excess caffeine contributes to cardiovascular disease, particularly high blood pressure. The findings show that six cups are the tipping point where caffeine may start to negatively affect cardiovascular risk.

"Most people would agree that if you drink a lot of coffee, you might feel jittery, irritable or perhaps even nauseas - that's because caffeine helps your body work faster and harder, but it is also likely to suggest that you may have reached your limit for the time being,” Elina Hyppönen, a researcher at the University of South Australia, said in a statement

She then suggested that people can maintain a healthy heart and a healthy blood pressure if they limit their coffee to fewer than six cups a day. 

The findings come from the analysis of data from the UK Biobank that included 347,077 participants aged 37 to 73 years old. Researchers analyzed how the caffeine-metabolizing gene, called CYP1A2, processes caffeine in the body. 

Hyppönen said they found carriers of the fast-processing gene variation being four times quicker at metabolizing caffeine. But her team noted their research does not support the belief that some people could safely consume more caffeine, more frequently and without feeling any negative health effects.

"An estimated three billion cups of coffee are enjoyed every day around the world," the researcher said. "Knowing the limits of what's good for you and what's not is imperative. As with many things, it's all about moderation; overindulge and your health will pay for it."