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Coke Zero: Is It Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Despite its popularity, and despite that popularity turning it into an everyday menu staple, especially for fast food establishments, the sugar sweetened-beverage coke popularized by Coca-Cola is still unhealthy. That’s not to say that it’s bad, however, excessive drinking of this carbonated beverage may affect our blood sugar more often than we think, and it’s best to be consumed in moderation.

With that being said however, the company understood this type of sentiment, and so they came out with the supposed healthier version of regular coke: Coke Zero.

Recently rebranded as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, this variant promises the same distinct Coca-Cola flavor but without all of the sugar and calories that come with it. But is it really healthier? Let’s find out.

Zero What?

True to its name, Coke Zero does contain neither sugar nor calories. However, it also has no nutritional value. Furthermore, to provide the flavor, artificial sweeteners are used, which at the moment, are a bit controversial and may also affect our health.

As for its efficacy in weight loss however, current studies are still conflicted with some losing weight while some stating that it’s neutral. The same can be said for diabetes risk, and more research is simply needed.

With that being said however, an artificially sweetened beverage like Coke Zero has other potential downsides. This includes:

  1. Tooth erosion – the acidic content in soda may weaken our enamel and cause tooth decay in the future.
  2. Kidney damage – an increased risk in kidney disease is also linked to soda, thanks to its high phosphorous content.
  3. Increased risk in heart disease – Per an observational study, there’s a link between artificially sweetened beverages and increased risk of developing heart disease in women.
  4. Disrupt our gut biome – A number of studies have also found a link between these types of drinks and a disrupted gut microbiome, which can affect our blood sugar levels.

Bottom-line is, while Coke Zero does live up to its name of having no calories or sugar, its long-term effects on our body are still unclear, and it’s better to consider healthier beverages, such as tea or even water.

Diet coke Diet sodas make you gain more weight. CorrieMiracle/Pixabay