The Color Of Starchy Foods Your Diet Needs In Order To Lower High Cholesterol Levels

Suffering from high cholesterol? This means that your blood has too much of the fatty substance, which can be very dangerous for your health. Fortunately, eating certain types of starchy foods with a certain color can help you out.

Color Of Starchy Foods You Should Eat To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol can be dangerous. Very dangerous, in fact, because too much of the fatty substance can block the blood flow in an artery to a vital organ that can then immediately threaten your life.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle of the modern Americans where everything relies on convenience is the perfect breeding ground for cholesterol, given that we eat a generally fatty and unhealthy diet and don’t exercise at all. On top of that, physical activity is very limited since everything can be bought and delivered to our homes with a few clicks.

However, the main root cause of this problem is easily what we eat, as well as what we don’t eat. As such, it’s time that we take a look at starchy foods and what it can do for our bodies.

"Starchy foods are our main source of carbohydrate, and [it has] an important role in a healthy diet," the National Health Service (NHS) said in a release. Such foods include potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and cereals, all of which usually make up a third of people’s diets.

But we should not just start eating all the starchy foods we can find because there is a specific color of theirs that we need to eat in order to reap the most health benefits. That color is brown.

So is the common perception that brown bread, brown pasta and brown rice are healthier than their white counterparts true?

Well, given that the NHS recommends brown rice, bread and pasta to people who are trying to lose weight, then that perception may hold a little more weight than your usual health myth.

However, it can still be a bit tricky since some brown bread, for example, only have that color because of coloring and still have their wheat germ and bran removed.

As such, the trick, per nutritionist Carina Norris, is to look at the fiber content of the food and to opt for wholemeal options. Finally, throw some consistent exercise on the mix, and you’ll be well on your way.

potatoes Potatoes are good sources of resistant starch, which good bacteria uses to generate energy to produce immune cells and protect the stomach. Pixabay