Cooking Atop Himalayan Salt Block Health Benefits And Downsides

It doesn’t only look unique cooking over a pink slab of Himalayan salt but also the surprising flavor and texture it imparts on food is helping it gain popularity.

The way Himalayan salt blocks conduct heat efficiently make it a suitable tool for baking and cooking. It could retain high heat for a long time that you can place it either inside your oven or over your stove to cook food.

The salt block can also be chilled to serve dishes and desserts in cool temperatures such as sushi, cheese, meat, fruits and ice cream.

Similar to the regular table salt, Himalayan salt block contains sodium chloride. However, Himalayan salt holds a little higher amount of different minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sulfur unlike the table salt.

The extra minerals found in a Himalayan salt block has a slightly different flavor than the table salt's and that lends the food cooked over it a different taste. Also, it can give the dish a new texture.

Himalayan salt blocks' heat distribution property reduces foods’ cooking time. It may also stave off the saltiness in your dish when you cook over it.

It is also being marketed as a natural antibacterial that when utilized in cooking or preserving food, may reduce the risk of food poisoning. However, despite its antimicrobial properties, a Himalayan salt block can't still be considered as a replacement for safe food preparation, handling and cooking practices.

Despite its benefits, cooking atop Himalayan salt blocks has a few drawbacks.

Levels of sodium in foods naturally increases when cooking over slabs of Himalayan salt. While sodium is important in small amounts, excessive intake can be harmful to your health especially if you are suffering from diseases of the heart, liver or kidneys.

You should also consider refraining from cooking on a Himalayan salt block if you are in a salt-restricted diet. Furthermore, relying on a salt block for your intake of sodium may not provide you the right amount of iodine you need in your diet.

Iodine is especially essential for your thyroid gland since the nutrient controls your metabolism.

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