Coronavirus-Driven Crimes Are On The Rise Amid Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic is redefining a lot of things, and crime is one of them.

Coronavirus-Related Crimes On The Rise

Just last Sunday, an 86-year-old woman unfortunately died after getting punched on the head by a fellow patient in a Brooklyn Hospital for “violating social-distancing” order. Moreover, on the same Sunday, a man got arrested for allegedly shooting the car of another man that warned him to cover his mouth while he was coughing since it can be infectious. Meanwhile, four teens were also arrested for allegedly robbing and beating a woman after accusing her that she had the coronavirus. There had also been multiple reports that ever since the quarantine, domestic violence exponentially increased in a number of countries.

For the longest time, crime has always existed in some form. However, what’s alarming is that while the nature of the crimes aforementioned was different, all are unfortunately connected to the coronavirus pandemic.

But along with coronavirus-related crimes, crime itself is also being redefined. For one thing, three is now legally a crowd, while British police agencies have also setup hotlines that people can call when their neighbors aren’t practicing social distancing. Heck, even former model citizens are now being publicly shamed for actions that last year, were praised, admired and, of course, legal.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things, some of them for the worse, with a lot of psychologists slowly seeing that the coronavirus has given a new mindset for people, making the world at large condemn people for sharing a quick drink at the park, parties and even people who are not standing within six feet of each other.

And it’s not just law breaking since people are now more likely to be anxious for being victimized by bandits who know they are home alone and vulnerable. Then there are those people who never thought of ever committing a crime now pushed to the edge because of fear of unemployment, starvation and, of course, death.

It’s true that the pandemic has brought out the worst and the best for us humans. And whichever of those will outweigh the other remains to be seen.

crime and punishment New reports reveal coronavirus-related crimes are rising in America. Brian Turner, CC by 2.0