Coronavirus Global Deaths Soars To Alarming Rate, Surpasses SARS

As per the latest news release, China’s coronavirus death toll has reportedly surpassed that of global fatalities in the 2002-2003 SARS epidemic by going up to 811 people killed on Sunday. However, some experts are saying that other nations might be successful in helping slow down its spread since there are now fewer cases that are being reported, especially out of mainland China.

New Cases

With that in mind, South Korea still reported a new case Sunday, after a 73-year-old woman got infected when her relatives visited Guangdong province in southern China. This raises the region’s numbers to 125.

In China, the last 24 hours ending at midnight Saturday local time also saw 2,656 new virus cases reports, with most of them coming from the central province of Hubei. Thankfully, the numbers are down by about 20 percent from the 3,399 new cases reported in the previous 24-hour period.

Per an update from the World Health Organization, 288 confirmed cases have been reported in 24 countries outside of China and Hong Kong. And according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, there have also been seven confirmed cases in their country; three in Ontario and four in British Columbia.

As such, some 200 Canadians are reportedly under a 14-day quarantine at a Canadian Forces base in Trenton, Ont., since they are monitored for symptoms after being airlifted from Wuhan, which is the Chinese city where the virus first came from.

Virus Finally Slowing Down

According to experts, the virus’ spread might be slowing down, what with the declining toll of new reported cases. With that in mind, they also believe that once China laboratories test a backlog of the thousands of samples taken from people that are possibly infected, that number will surely rise again.

"Dramatic reductions in the spread of the virus within China should begin to appear toward the end of the month if containment measures prove effective," Dr. Ian Lipkin, director of Columbia University's Center for Infection and Immunity, who assisted the WHO and China during the SARS outbreak, said.

Wuhan Coronavirus Wuhan seafood market closed after the new coronavirus was detected there for the first time on January 1, 2020. SISTEMA 12/Wikimedia Commons