A recent study has revealed that only 5% of the Spaniards have been affected by the Coronavirus, leading to the death of more than 27, 000 people, making Spain the victim of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks apart from Italy and the U.S. 

The observations of the antibody-testing study emerged as significant but came up with a strong warning. It indicated that the majority of the population in the nation is still likely to be infected with the virus. The conclusion showed up as a threat as the lifting of the restrictions could result in the enhancement of the COVID-19 cases.

These preliminary observations were obtained from a well-designed survey relating to the presence of antibodies among Spaniards. While at one end, it proved how the outbreak exploded and the antibodies kept the situation under control, at another end, it depicted the higher chances of a spike in the new cases if the nation lifts restrictions.

The study conducted by the Carlos III public health institute took into consideration the blood samples from about 70,000 participants and figured out the number of Spanish people who have developed antibodies post-exposure to the infection or virus. On Wednesday, Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa and Science Minister Pedro Duque announced the results of the coronavirus immunity study. 

Illa compared the study to the “X-ray of the epidemic” in Spain. “It confirms the hypotheses we have been working with, and which the de-escalation plan rests on,” the health minister said

Duque identified this attempt of Spain as something “we are very proud of” as it is one of the most “solid studies done in the world” on COVID-19 as of now.

In most of the cases of COVID-19 infection, the focus is on finding out whether the virus is present in one’s body and if he/she needs to isolate from the rest of the society. The antibody test, on the other hand, is an attempt to figure out if people have developed antibodies to fight against the virus. Such people who have developed the right antibodies can be allowed to socialize as they are at a much lesser risk of getting infected because of having some significant degree of immunity to deal with the infection.