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Coronavirus Patient Asks Amazon’s 'Alexa' For Help Before Death

Contracting the COVID-19 virus is something nobody wants, although there are some curious minds who still want to know how a patient deals with it. It is not something that would be appealing to most but probably a good way to raise the level of awareness on how serious the coronavirus pandemic is.

As most know, lives have been taken by the COVID-19. People at a certain age and dealing with some kind of medical condition/s are prone to it. In the case of 66-year-old Lou Ann Dagen, recordings of how she dealt and suffered from the coronavirus is pretty heart-breaking. This is the best way to describe what her sister Penny Dagen is dealing with right now after hearing her sister's pleas of help via cloud-based service "Alexa." Her sister passed away Saturday, April 4.

In a report from WOOD-TV, there were about 40 recordings of Penny talking to her sister via Amazon Echo's "Alexa." Listening to them totally broke her heart, especially since she looked after her younger sister since they were kids.

Among the recorded audio included Lou Ann asking how she would get out of this pain and feeling like she was in a roasting pan. She also complained about pain all over her body. Both had spoken several times via phone since Penny was unable to personally visit her due to guidelines set forth to slow down and prevent people from contracting the virus.

Lou Ann Dagen lived in the Mission Point nursing home for about 10 years after suffering a stroke. Aside from that, she also had diabetes and hypertension. According to chief operating officer Paul Pruitt, they cared for her deeply in a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Lou Ann Dagen’s sister, family and friends. She had been a resident of our community and in our care for more than 10 years and we cared for her deeply,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt also revealed how Lou Ann was taken to the hospital once complications started to rapidly develop. Penny Dagen was aware that her sister had contracted the disease, sharing how she seemed okay at first before her sister could no longer stand the pain.

When Lou Ann was taken to Mercy Health Saint Mary's by ambulance, she was still able to talk before going into convulsion. The hospital informed Penny that her sister did not want CPR if her heart stopped. A short time later, Penny was informed that her sister had passed, the New York Post reported.

coronavirus COVID-19 Italy - medical worker in protective gear A medical worker in protective gear (C) tends to a patient on March 24, 2020 at the new COVID 3 level intensive care unit for coronavirus COVID-19 cases at the Casal Palocco hospital near Rome, during the country's lockdown aimed at stopping the spread of the COVID-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic. ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP via Getty Images

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