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Coronavirus Quarantine: What You Can Still Safely Do Outside

As a preventive measure, millions of Americans all across the country are advised to stay inside for the time being and to practice social distancing and self-isolation in an effort to help slow down the current coronavirus pandemic while researchers are still hard at work developing a vaccine for it.

As such, daily routines like attending school, going to work or even just spending a weekend afternoon in the mall has been temporarily stopped since establishments and offices are forced to close for the time being.

However, there’s only so many video games you can play or books that you can read before you start feeling cabin fever and therefore itch to go outside and get some fresh air. America, after all, is a nation of walking people.

But with that in mind, can you still actually go out? Where can you actually go?

Is It Safe To Go Out?

Thankfully, medical experts still encourage people to have some bit of exercise and fresh air on the daily. However, everyone should still practice extreme caution, which means that you still need to do social distancing or not go too far from your house.

Here are some places you might want to visit, and whether they’re safe or not:


While they remain open, experts warn against taking your children to the playgrounds for now since the equipment in there are not sanitized and cleaned, which means they can transmit the virus from there.


Thankfully, you can still visit the park, especially if it’s large enough to allow social distancing. If you want to go biking or jogging, however, you should avoid doing it in groups. Other contact activities should also be avoided for now.


While coronavirus doesn’t spread through water, beaches are usually crowded so it’s best to stay in the bathtub for now.


If it’s a private pool, then you may do so. Otherwise, avoid public pools that are crowded.

Neighborhood Walk

As long as you’re still keeping a safe distance from others, you are good to go. Wash your hands after, though.