Coronavirus Vaccine Trials In China Show Promise

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic can’t be fully stopped unless there’s a vaccine. Thankfully, a new update reveals that a Chinese pharmaceutical company announced that their vaccine trials are showing promising results.

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Show Promising Results

By now, it’s more than common knowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic can’t be fully halted unless we have a definitive vaccine for it. This can be seen in the global curve of the virus, which is actually anything but flat. There’s also the statistics that show the past few weeks have brought a new surge in confirmed cases with the daily tolls bouncing between 120,000 and 140,000. Then there’s the death toll that has already managed to reach 440,000, which is a statistic we didn’t know was possible when 2020 started.

Fortunately, there’s also some good news. For one thing, lockdown measures and social distancing prevented hundreds of millions of infections in different countries. Furthermore, these measures also brought something that researchers need a lot of: time in order to advance trials for COVID-19 treatments and hopefully generate a vaccine as soon as it is possible. In fact, 10 of them already advanced stages of human trials, some showing promising results. 

As such, the latest of these trials come from China, where a vaccine candidate is reported to show some very promising results when tested on monkeys. The same results were also seen in human volunteers. Made by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, CoronaVac is now reportedly ready to move to phase 3 of tests.

While the preliminary results were announced via a press release, the company said that the full results will be published via academic publications not long from now.

“The neutralizing antibody seroconversion rate is above 90 percent, which concludes the vaccine candidate can induce positive immune response,” the company said, stating that CoronaVac had no observed severe adverse affects in either previous phase.

As of now, however, it’s still unclear when the phase 3 results of the vaccine candidate will be ready. Nevertheless, the Chinese government stated that it already plans on using some of the promising vaccine candidates this year.

COVID-19 Vaccine Researchers in China found that the Ad5-nCoV vaccine against COVID-19 was safe, well-tolerated and effective to cause an immune response against the disease in the first human trials. Pixabay