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Is Cottage Cheese Healthy?

Cottage cheese is a regular low-calorie cheese derived from milk. It is formed when acid is put in curd and left to curdle. The cheese has a mild flavor and also a smooth feeling to it, which makes it tasty. Filled with protein, B vitamins and calcium, cottage cheese is a nutritious addition to any diet, especially for people aiming for weight loss and building muscle.  

Cottage cheese should not be confused with cheddar cheese that is hard to bite into and is yellowish-white. It is a healthy option for people who want to diet. This is unlike cheddar, which increases the amount of calories consumed. In india, cottage cheese is called paneer, which is used in various authentic indian dishes. 

In the Western world, cottage cheese can be blended along with fruit smoothies, scrambled eggs, lasagna and in baked goods. Here are some of the benefits that athletes and people who opt for cottage cheese derive.

Promotes Weight Loss

The main reason that cottage cheese promotes weight loss is because it is a low-calorie food. Casein, a protein found commonly in milk and its by products, pass on a feeling of fullness and decreases appetite. This is similar to the feeling that people get after eating eggs. 

A few studies have indicated that when calcium is combined with exercise, weight loss occurs, especially because dietary calcium is part of several metabolic processes in the body that reduce weight.  

Improves Muscle Strength

About 80 percent of cottage cheese’s protein is made up of casein. Since protein foods aid muscle building, bodybuilders take it at night before bed. Amino acids are released into the bloodstream and muscles overnight, which prevent the muscles from breaking down and increases muscle building capacity. 

Improves Bone Strength

Not only does cottage cheese contains calcium, it is also filled with phosphorus and protein. All of these nutrients support bone growth and maintain bone heath. 

Prevents Insulin Resistance

One study suggested that eating dairy could potentially reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance by 21 percent. Calcium in dairy products are known to reduce insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease too. 

28 Cottage Cheese Another bonus to cottage cheese is it’s high in calcium. How does that help you lose weight? Well, studies show calcium helps speed up the fat-burning process. Getty Images