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Atlanta’s American Cancer Society Laying Off 1,000 People Nationwide Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Companies and groups from all over the world are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from possible personnel inflicted with the coronavirus, operations have been severely hampered due to the forced stoppage of activities. Some are already laying off workers, a move that will not be lauded by many but necessary. That would include fund-raising groups such as the American Cancer Society, which was forced to lay off some employees nationwide.

The non-profit group will be laying off about 1,000 employees, although they did not specify how many would be losing jobs over in Atlanta. Regardless, it was a forced move on their part since the COVID-19 continues to paralyze the world, one of which is the reduction of revenue, reported.

“The pandemic has severely reduced our fundraising revenue and forced us to take significant cost-saving measures. ACS is reducing its overall budget by approximately 30 percent, with cuts to both non-personnel and personnel expenses,” a statement from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution read.

With most discouraged from going outdoors and regions running on limited capacity, fundraisers have taken a hit. That includes the annual Relay for Life walk that normally takes place around the world. With a cloud of uncertainty hovering, the nonprofit tried to improvise by doing it virtually. Unfortunately, the effort make up for the actual proceeds collected from the annual fundraiser. That in mind, the group had to resort to measures to curb down expenses.

“We are looking at all major expenses nationwide, and of course, real estate is part of that assessment. We will always put mission over bricks and mortar,” they said.

The American Cancer Society, whose global headquarters is based in Atlanta, said that it is committed to maintaining its presence. However, adjustments need to be done and one of them is forcibly laying off some personnel.

Related to company struggles, several other businesses are already laying off some workers to keep themselves afloat. Tech companies have been impacted with big names like IBM, Lyft, Yelp and LendingClub laying off some workers over in the Bay Area, Mercury News reported.

job seekers Two years after diagnosis, cancer survivors experienced a decrease in annual number of hours worked, while their annual earnings dropped nearly 40 percent. Reuters

Companies have revealed their layoff plans, all of which were revealed in notices of the state's Employment Development Department. A combined 1,000 layoffs were disclosed from the four tech companies.

“It is possible that additional persons will be affected in the coming weeks or months as we continue to understand the impact the COVID-19 crisis has on our business,” Carolyn Patterson, Yelp’s senior vice president people operations, wrote to the EDD. “The scope of the impact is unforeseeable at this time.”