Texas, California And Idaho See Record Highs Of New Coronavirus Cases

Three of the most populated states in the United States have shown considerable jumps in COVID-19 cases not long after restrictions were loosened. California, Texas and Idaho had spiking numbers, forcing the hand of officials to look into them to try and contain the outbreaks.

Of the three states, California and Texas have returned an increasing number of COVID-19 cases after relaxing their restrictions last month. The new reports that came out recently broke previous marks not long after top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci branded the rise in cases as disturbing, the Hill reported.

"However, in other areas of the country, we are now seeing a disturbing surge of infections that looks like it's a combination, but one of the things is an increase in community spread. And that's something I'm really quite concerned about," Fauci said.

In California, 5,813 new coronavirus cases were reported. It was the highest since the 4,250 cases reported last June 17. There were 3,953 new confirmed cases reported on Sunday. These numbers were not that far from the 4,011 new cases reported on Saturday, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

Texas also reported an alarming 4,760 cases on Monday. It was a notable rise in the number of infections on Saturday (4,272) and Sunday(3,292). The record of COVID-19 cases in the state is 4,645, which occurred on June 19.

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Idaho may not be as much but the jump is bothering. There were 242 new cases reported on Monday, a big jump compared to the coronavirus cases from the weekend. There were 135 reported on Saturday and another 19 on Sunday. The highest single-day number of daily new cases previously stood at 221, which happened last Apr. 2.

With the recent numbers, California now has 178,054 confirmed cases and 5,515 deaths. Texas has 114,881 cases in all with 2,192 deaths. As for Idaho, there are now 4,006 cases with 2,192 cases in the state. Counties, where major cities are found, are experiencing the most cases and deaths from each state. That includes Los Angeles County in California, Harris County and Dallas County in Texas and Ada County in Idaho.

Coronavirus COVID-19 New York, USA A worker uses a forklift to move a body outside of the Brooklyn Hospital on March 31, 2020 in New York, United States. Due to a surge in deaths caused by the Coronavirus, hospitals are using refrigerator trucks as make shift morgues. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Overall, the U.S. finds itself documenting 30,000 new cases daily. This is also an increase from the 20,000 they were counting before the weekend. The Trump administration believes that the rise in cases is due to the increased mass testing. However, a look at the data from Johns Hopkins University shows that testing has now been pretty stable.