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CDC Revises Guideline On How Coronavirus Spreads

The manner on which the COVID-19 virus spreads has been a concern for everyone, a reason why most are pretty cautious about where they go and the thing they touch. Previously, it was believed that aside from humans, the strain could be contracted by touching surfaces. It appears the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is revising its stand on that.

In a recent statement, the CDC is now saying that the virus cannot be spread when one touches objects or surfaces. John Whyte, the chief medical officer over at WebMD, believes that the latest update from the CDC can reduce the anxiety of many and help the world as it works its way back to normal life. However, there is a fine print that needs to be taken note of.

Per the guidelines, it should be noted that there remains a possibility to get the virus through touching surfaces or objects and then touching the face, nose or even the eyes. However, this is not seen as the main reason why the virus spreads. The coronavirus is still believed to be easily passed on through person-to-person means, a reason why social distancing is highly encouraged. The CDC also added that they are still trying to learn more about the virus.

"I think this new guideline helps people understand more about what does and doesn’t increase risk," Whyte said in a report from Fox News. "It doesn’t mean we stop washing hands and disinfecting surfaces. But it does allow us to be practical and realistic as we try to return to a sense of normalcy."

Other than the issue of touching surfaces and objects, the CDC also had more important points to consider. That includes the virus spreading more easily than influenza and the transmission from animals to people and vice versa.

There has yet to be solid proof that animals can pass on the coronavirus strain. In a recent post, it was mentioned how minks and cats were being singled out as possible first cases of animals passing the strain onto humans. No studies have yet to affirm this claim.

For now, the best way for most is to continue the guidelines set forth by the CDC. That includes continuing to practice social distancing and practicing proper hygiene like washing hands. Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces is still advised.

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