Coronavirus In Texas Update: Positive Cases Surpass 61,000, New Deaths Reported

The number of COVID-19 cases has been rising in some regions with states starting to incrementally open. Over in Central Texas, the number of confirmed cases has reportedly gone up anew with more than 1,200 infections and 25 additional new deaths. The recent update bumps up the coronavirus cases to 61,006 with the death toll now at 1,626.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the recent numbers bump up the number of COVID-19 cases that stood at 59,776 and deaths at 1,601 last Friday. However, these numbers may lack accuracy. There are still a lot of people who have not yet been tested for the coronavirus, meaning there could still be several people affected by the strain but are unaware.

Aside from that, the agency revealed that there are 19,312 active coronavirus-related cases. The 40,068 have recovered from COVID-19 thus far. According to CBS, Harris County has the most cases from among counties in Texas, with roughly 12,000. Following them is Dallas County that has just over 10,000 coronavirus cases.

However, several other counties are dealing with rising COVID-19 cases as well. Over in Travis County, there are reportedly 3,200 new cases with at least 93 dead. The 1,152 have recovered. Williamson County has over 600 cases with 24 succumbing to the strain and 380 people recovering from it. Hays County is also dealing with new 335 cases where four people have died. The 184 have recovered from coronavirus on their end, KVUE reported.

Over in Bexar County, there were five new COVID-19 cases. That number bumped up their count to 2,830. There was also one new death reported, bringing up the count to 74. Of the new cases reported, one was from a congregate setting and three are under investigation. According to San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, there are 92 patients in the hospital, 39 in intensive care and 22 on ventilators. The 79 percent of ventilators remain available and 31 of staffed hospital beds are open.

With the spiking numbers, counties are expected to ramp up their measures against the deadly strain. Contact tracing is needed to properly identify the ones afflicted with COVID-19, an initiative that will require much effort. People may not necessarily show the symptoms associated with the strain and yet be a carrier of the coronavirus.

Some may exhibit mild to moderate symptoms like fever and cough that could go away in two to three weeks. But as most know, the ones at higher risk are elderly people and individuals with some preexisting health issues. They are the ones likely to experience a severe illness that could lead to pneumonia and potentially death.

COVID-19 lockdown Some health experts said the pandemic may end if 70 percent of the world’s population developed immunity to COVID-19. Pixabay