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John Knox Care Center Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

Care centers are known to be at high risk of contracting the coronavirus. A reason for this is the elderly residents but it appears that such has not been the case over at the John Knox Care Center. Instead, it has been reported that care center employees are the ones found to have contracted the COVID-19 strain.

According to a report from KMBC, five employees tested positive for the COVID-19 strain over at the Village Care Center in Lee's Summit. The latest count ups their previous total to nine. Per officials of the facility, most of the employees there were asymptomatic when they were there and passed daily shift screenings. None of the 200 residents at the care center were found to be positive for the virus as of this writing.

"Between March 16 and June 10, four associates have tested positive for COVID-19 – one in March, one in May and two in early June," the facility said in a statement.

The new cases came about after the care center took a proactive approach by testing everyone in the building. This was where the five new cases were discovered. None of the employees worked there since testing positive previously.

Before the additional new cases, Village Care Center Administrator Anthony Columbatto felt that they were doing the right measures to fend off the coronavirus. But due to the sporadic scatter of the strain resulting in positive cases, they are taking no chances. They plan to administer testing on residents to determine if any may be positive for COVID-19.

"Given the size of the Village Care Center, we have always anticipated, and planned, for the fact that an infection could happen here at any time," Columbatto said. "We are confident in our procedures, and we are prepared if a resident tests positively."

senior-care-home Millions of Americans struggle to pay for much needed long-term care services. (U.S. Navy photo by Jesse Leon Guerrero/Public Domain)

Per officials, one of the employees who tested positive also worked at the John Knox Village Assisted Living Center. That same employee initially tested negative through routine tests conducted last week. He was part of the latest round of tests and returned positive.

As for residents, Rodney McBride, vice president of health and community services, said that they had performed tests on residents in the past 100 days or so when they exhibited some symptoms associated with COVID-19. They are now collecting new samples from all their Village Care Center residents with results expected at the end of the week. The same is being done on residents at the Village Assisted Living, particularly the ones who came into contact with the worker who tested positive for COVID-19.

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