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Cucumber For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

There are many versions of the short-term cucumber diet that ensures fast weight loss. It allows you to lose up to 15 pounds (seven kilograms) in just seven days. Although the main ingredient is healthy, it is not sustainable in the long run, for it leads to nutrient deficiency and hinders muscle maintenance and growth.

What is the Cucumber Diet?

The cucumber diet promotes short-term weight loss by compelling you to consume less calories. Most versions of the diet plan take seven to 14 days of strict compliance, and they often lead to 14 pounds of weight loss. In fact, it has a famous tagline that says “seven days for seven kilograms,” as per Healthline.

The diet plan requires you to only consume cucumbers as the main ingredient of your meals, along with limited protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs, fish and nuts. This diet basically compels you to replace most of the fruits, vegetables and other foods you consume with cucumbers.


Whenever you experience food cravings, the cucumber diet recommends that you only consume cucumber. Since the main ingredient is low in calories, significant consumption thereof maintains your calorie deficit.

Cucumbers are also low in protein. Thus, the diet plan requires you to complement each meal with protein-rich foods, as per an entry in the US Medical Library of Medicine. These include eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese and nuts. You may also consume carbs in this diet. Toast, brown rice and potatoes are allowed.

Weight Loss

Unfortunately, there is a lack of studies that can confirm the promised weight loss of the cucumber diet. But weight loss is most likely possible since the foods you are allowed to ear on this diet are significantly low in calories. Since it is a restrictive diet, sticking to it for a longer period is difficult.

The average calorie count of every 10-ounce cucumber is 45. If you eat 10 cucumbers, you only consume 450 calories in total, as per the National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Legacy Release.

You may also regain the weight lost after the 14-day maximum period especially if the diet did not compel you to observe healthy eating behaviors. Thus, make sure that you develop healthy practices such as portion control and being mindful of nutrition labels before and after doing this diet.

Nutritional Content

Cucumbers are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C and K along with potassium. However, they lack calcium, fat, fiber, iron, essential proteins and other nutrients required to achieve good health. And even if the diet allows a small portion of protein-rich foods, you may fail to meet your daily needs due to the restrictions involved.

In conclusion, the cucumber diet is not sustainable. You may only follow it for seven to 14 days to prevent nutrient deficiency. Cucumbers do not provide loads of essential nutrients. Although it slows down your metabolism, following this diet for more than 14 days could lead to real or perceived starvation.

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