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Dandelion Tea Protects Bones, Cleanses Liver And Other Health Benefits

You should not ignore those flowering plants that grow in your lawn or garden every spring. Despite being a stubborn weed, dandelions offer a number of health benefits that you can enjoy by simply making a tea. 

You can use almost every part of the plant. You can use dandelion greens as a garnish or for your sauce or boil its roots, stems and flowers for a hot and healthy tea. 

You can easily make a dandelion tea by boiling one tablespoon of the stems or flowers in five ounces of water for 30 minutes. Organic dandelion tea bags are also in some food or medical stores. 

If you prefer a coffee-like beverage, you can also roast the plant’s roots. Dandelion is known for many health benefits, including better skin health and improved urine production and bowel movements. 

But there are more to enjoy with this yellow weed. Read on to know how dandelion tea can help improve your health. 

Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

Gives Vitamin K

This vitamin supports both the bones and heart health. Dandelions surprisingly could give more than 500 percent of your vitamin K needs, according to

Drinking dandelion tea may help you prevent vitamin k deficiency. Having enough levels of the vitamin in the body may help manage bone mineralization, blood clotting, brain function and healthy metabolism.

Diabetes Management

Boiling dandelions to make tea or just adding the plant to a juice may help people with diabetes maintain safe blood sugar levels. The plant supports production of insulin from the pancreas.

Dandelion tea can also help reduce excess sugar in the body because of its diuretic effects. One study found that the plant contains bioactive chemical components, such as chicoric acid and sesquiterpene lactones, that provide its anti-diabetic effects.

Maintains Healthy Liver

Adding dandelions to your diet may help manage your digestive system. The plant is known for maintaining proper flow of bile produced by the liver. 

Dandelion tea provides vitamin C and other nutrients, which could cleanse the liver, support mineral absorption, reduce inflammation and prevent diseases.

Provides Antioxidants

Another health benefit of dandelions is having good amounts of antioxidants. A study in 2011 showed that antioxidants could block cell damage and fight free radical damage in the body, which contribute to cancer and premature aging. 

Vitamin A

This vitamin mainly promotes healthy vision, neurological function and healthy skin. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals that damage DNA. 

One cup of dandelion greens could give more than 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin A. 

Before you go to your garden and get some dandelions, it is important to know that some people may have allergies to this plant. Those allergic to ragweed and related plants, such as daisies, chrysanthemums and marigolds, should avoid dandelions.

dandelion Dandelions offer a number of health benefits that you can enjoy by simply making a tea, such as better skin health, improved digestion and better bone health. Pixabay